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Zoom Zoom Groom was founded in Regina in 2006 and has fast become the most beloved grooming facility with the world-class Apex Academy right on site. With state-of the art doggie solutions and award-winning services - our Certified Pet Stylists and Certified Puppy Start Right Trainers are here to get you and your owner off to a happier, healthier life together. 

Our King Charles Cavalier “Chloe” loves coming to Zoom Zoom Groom! Our groomer, Jenna, is the best! You can tell she loves her job and loves our dog! I would highly recommend Zoom Zoom Groom for all your grooming needs for your dogs or cats! Grooming and so much more! For all your pet needs, come to Zoom Zoom Groom!
— Lori F




Cat Person?

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try A variety of luxurious doggy services.

Offered exclusively by Certified Pet-stylists, services range from foo foo to a shave and a haircut. While you're at it, visit the s'paw.


meet us at home if you're a busy dog on the go.

We get it - you're a busy pooch. Let us meet you at your stoop. We can come to you for front-step hair-styling bliss. 

Pet Love

get your owner pampering you to the max.

Join Connie Buchanan, founder of Zoom Zoom Groom, passionate teacher and pet owner, for tips and tricks for better bonding.


check out our packages and promotions. 

We love you and your owner. We offer a variety of promotions for service dogs to rescue dogs - we've got you covered.

Cleaner than Clean

Thera-Clean solutions

They say “Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job”, and many humans will do that for their best friend, but sometimes we have such bad skin issues that the humans are perplexed, and even saddened on how to help us! Did you know Zoom Zoom Groom has the only Thera-clean system in Regina? That’s true to the bone!

This machine has billions and billions of micro-bubbles that are so small, they can penetrate below the skin surface into the pores and hair follicles.  

With their negative ion charge, these tiny bubbles attach themselves to any foreign material including;

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Skunk odors
  • Infections
  • Allergens
  • Dander

And more!