Zoom Zoom Groom Reginas Best Groomer

Welcome to Zoom Zoom Groom!

Regina's Premiere Canine Groomer

We love our location and we love our facility. It is 4000 square feet of fur fun bliss! Come and visit us at 1180 Winnipeg Street.

You will be welcomed to the best reception in Regina! Our administration is amazing and our phones are answered in person daily. Sometimes it gets very busy so you may need to leave a message, but be assured that a wonderful human will be addressing it in the same work day.


state of the art technology

Our salon has top of the line equipment to help make your pooch feel like a rockstar! 

  • Stainless steel tubs with ramps
  • Thera-clean micro bubble bathing system
  • Hydraulic and electric tables
  • Clipper Vacs to avoid clipper burn and keep our areas hair free
  • Safe, efficient, hand drying equipment. (You won't find dryers with heat elements here!)
  • High temperature steam cleaners to keep everything sanitary

environmentally friendly

 Our mission is to be as GREEN as possible and we have been taking strides to become paperless. Each groomer has their own tablet that is integrated into our software system. The individual tablets enable the groomer to keep thorough notes and list the individual grooming techniques used on your dog. Consistency is essential. By documenting lengths and other relevant information, the client and groomer establish a benchmark to alter trims or keep things the same for future visits.

premium pet treatment

Our kennel room is a large area with condos of various sizes. We can have 60+ dogs coming in and out throughout a day and we feel this is the safest way to ensure the safety of your pet. It can only take seconds in a “free roam” facility for a negative interaction to occur between dogs and with our facility layout we feel the condos are the safest situation. At no time do we allow interactions between fur clients!

If you have a dog that cannot handle a kennel, we now have individual, non-kennel tie downs to aid in their comfort. Please let us know if this is your preference

We love your pets!