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Mastergroom Canada

“How Did I End Up Here? I Said I’d Never Groom Cats!”

Connie Buchanan

How Grooming Cats Has Become One of the BEST Business Decisions I Have EVER Made!

I am so over-the-top excited to have the opportunity to share with you my journey to cat grooming and how it has become one of my best business decisions. In this seminar, we will take a serious look at the cat grooming business- analyzing the pros and cons, evaluating the business (income) opportunities (whether it be as a separate grooming business or one in combination with dog grooming), eliminating fears and negative paradigms of feline grooming through education and the sharing of techniques, and most of all recognizing the absolute need from a feline’s health perspective for these services to be available to the cat owning public! If you are one of those groomers like me, who said “I’d never groom a cat”, or someone who is thinking about the possibilities, this seminar is for you! Together we will claw our way through the world of feline grooming and have fun and laughs too! How can you not laugh at the narcissistic nature of the cat?

Later Event: February 15
Groom Expo West- Pasadena, California