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T.O Grooming Show

  • Mold-Masters SportsPlex 221 Guelph Street Georgetown, ON Canada (map)

9:00 – 10:00      I Said I’d NEVER Groom Cats! How Did I End up Here? 

I am so over-the-top excited to have the opportunity to share with you my journey to cat grooming and how it has become one of my best business decisions. 

In this seminar I will:

  • share my cat grooming knowledge as a business owner- analyzing the pros and cons.
  • share knowledge and advice so you can eliminate any fears and negative paradigms of feline grooming.
  • inform you on why there is an absolute need for these services to be available to the cat-owning public.
  • outline why being skilled at dog grooming has little to do with your ability to groom a cat.
  • review cat vs dog grooming techniques- analyzing how understanding the felines genetics, physiology, and psychology is your key to success.
  • discuss the equipment and tools we use for successful, safe, efficient feline grooms
  • and finally, we will do a quick comparison of the day in the life of a dog vs. a cat groomer.

Together we will claw our way through the world of feline grooming and have fun and laughs along the way!  How can you not laugh at the narcissistic nature of the cat?


1:30 -2:30       6 Ninja Techniques to Use on Cats, That Would NEVER Work on Dogs:  The Difference Between Success & Failure and Becoming a True Feline-Ninja-Warrior!  

Join me for a feline-fabulous hour along with time for questions and answers. In this session, I will share with you how to become a Feline-Ninja-Warrior with a video and role-playing demonstrations.  Together our goal will be to:

  • learn how to assess a cats temperament
  • uniquely handle a cat once assessed
  • use various tools, equipment & products for safe, efficient, extraordinary feline grooms
  • understand the process of introducing water, air, dematting, the clipper and more to the cat
  • learn how to achieve cat-show-worthy-results on every cat you groom

Being a warrior takes great skill, talents, and knowledge.  I will show you how to “ninja”fy so you are “feline” confident!



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T.O Grooming Show