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Fur & Pixie Dust

“Fur and Pixie Dust” is a spot for me to share ideas with budding entrepreneurs (in any business), to share my “teaching” spirit and to empower others to live a dream that honours who they are and what they can create!


"Feline" The Passion

"Feline the Passion" is a spot to gather my insights on the fabulous feline.  Mostly from the grooming point of view but also with other fun blogs information sprinkled within. 


It's A Dog's Life


DIY Home Grooming


We all need guidance- and for the pet owner, there is a genuine need for some support when it comes to an understanding of their pet's grooming needs at home.  I am here to help!  DIY Home Grooming will be my platform to post DIY (Do It Yourself) methods and techniques you can do in-between professional grooms, that will not only benefit your pet's coat and skin condition- but also create a valued bonding time.

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