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Grooming Your Dog at Home Between Professional Grooms

We will introduce you to the tools and techniques for maintaining your dog's groom at home. Every dog is different and requires select tools for their coat type.  We invite you to bring your dog to this class so we can teach you how to brush (with the tools best for your dog's coat type), how to ensure there are no matts and tangles, how to lessen the shedding coat (if it's a shedding breed), and how to make their coats healthy and shiny.  The end goal is to give you the tools and techniques to make home-grooming time a chance to bond and complete the job on a positive note with the skills you need. 

Cost $20 to be donated to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue

Class limit 6 humans/ 6 dogs

Interested?  Contact Val at 306.533.9155 to register, or email

Earlier Event: October 28
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