Oh baby! This is for you.

We all know that happiness is being a warm puppy, but buddy you need to get into this grooming thing as early as possible! In fact, the best time is right after your second vaccinations.

You will quickly learn:

  • To not fear the sounds and sensations of being groomed
  • To allow other humans to touch and handle you so that you leave with the perfect hairstyle
  • That groomers are patient and, man, can they love a puppy
  • To love being groomed - especially when you are sent home with a treat

Zoom Zoom Groom feels it is important to get you in for your first groom/s as a very young puppy, they offer a deal of $16.99 (no matter your size or breed) for all grooms up to the age of four months!

Now that’s a pupular treat!


Remember “Meet and Greets” are always FREE. Come in as often as you can. The more times you stop by, the more treats you can get!  

puppy, you deserve the best.
Get the appointments you want - ahead of time.






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