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You know how your human taught you to fetch when you were a young pup? Well, Zoom Zoom Groom networks with a school to teach humans how to make you look and smell great!

Can you believe it? Students of their school - Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts - will make all kinds of fuss over you.  

They are really wanting to impress their teachers so they will groom a dog head to tail for a fraction (35-50% off) of what a Certified Pet Stylist charges!

Do you think they get a bone if they’re really good at it?!

Please note that if a dog is booked with a student but is not of appropriate temperament, a Certified Groomer may be required and full price will be charged.

Student grooms are only available Mondays-Fridays.


our students truly care

Interested in becoming a groomer? 

Save and stay looking sharp!

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