We Know From Experience That It's True- There's A Super New Skin Technology For Dogs & Cats

I have seen a change in your pets (cats & dogs) since I started grooming in 2006 and it isn't a good change!

More and more, we as groomers are seeing your furry loved ones suffering from various skin issues, such as yeast infections, ear infections, hot spots, flakey irritated skin and more. These pets are crazy itchy, uncomfortable, and are often driving you, their owners, CRAZY- crazy watching them, and crazy to find relief for their heartbreaking conditions.


We all know what feeling itchy is like. Whenever I see itchy pets, I remember a time when we had our rugs professionally cleaned- My husband Randy had a terrible allergic reaction on his feet. Rarely, have I seen him in such anguish. He said it was agony! He was literally going squirrely, until he was given a prescription to return him to normalacy.  I often wonder what many of these itchy, allergic dogs or cats are going through day in and day out, and what they would say to us if they could.

When it comes to ear infections, I think of my mother. She chronically suffered from ear infections all her life, in combination with her genetic deafness. She expressed immense compassion for any child or adult experiencing the pain, as she knew all too well what it was like.

I'm not sure if my need to assist dogs and cats with skin issues stems from past experiences.  All I know is I feel so incredibly bad and want to do anything I can to make things better!  Seeing a cat that has scratched itself raw, or a dog that has licked a hotspot until it is open & infected, begs me to assist.

In the past, we as groomers have only been able to use medicated shampoos. I have always carried an array of shampoo products, containing from Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Tree Tea Oil and more.  Although these shampoos can make a difference, usually it is short lived.  I am excited to say we now have amazing technology that can really make a huge difference in skin conditions.  Please note I am not a veterinarian and I can't diagnose, and this treatment isn't meant to be a substitute for a veterinarians treatment, however, it can prove to be an excellent companion to it. 

Thera-clean can be used on dogs and cats without skin conditions too.  It can be a way to ensure your pet has the cleanest skin possible.  It is so beneficial to those dogs who are smelly all the time.  The bubbles are odor ninjas!  I notice a HUGE (pardon the pun) difference on my 120 pound Black Russian.  "Buttercup" is a beautiful, lovely girl but she has an odor that creeps in shortly after her normal bath.  The micro-bubble bath takes care of this and no more smelly dog!

Introduce the Thera-clean difference!

So what is the Thera-clean technology?

Thera-clean is a micro-bubble technology created by a machine. It creates tiny bubbles that are smaller than a red blood cell and can penetrate the skin right down into the pores, cleaning them to a level that has never been experienced before. It's truly amazing!  There is a ton of science behind this technology, but I will allow Kyle to explain it in the video below.

Before the video though, I want to share results! I need to show you pictures that display the reason I am so over-the-top-excited about this!


As promised, here is a video from Thera-clean where Kyle is explaining the science of this technology. We are one of two facilities in Saskatchewan (the other in Saskatoon) that offers the Thera-clean experience. This technology can be received at both Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats locations. 

Please give us a call if you have any questions, or if you want more information venture over to our websites; www.zoomzoomgroom.com or www.prezoomablycats.com