Yes, I Groom Cats At PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz!

It’s amazing what a conversation starter it is when you tell someone you groom cats!  If you bring it up at a party the conversation inevitably gets quite silly!

Imagine sitting with friends around a campfire after a few cocktails, the subject of cat grooming comes up,  and suddenly the jokes start rolling… mainly from the male demographic…. I’m sure you know what I mean.  Then by habit, (I’m a follower of Danelle German- found of the National Cat Groomer’s Institute)  

zoom zoom-3458 (1).jpg


This exact thing happened at a fun get-together and the jokes carried on for two hours!

For many people to wrap their heads around the facts that: yes, cats require professional grooming, &  yes, a human can actually be crazy enough to do this as a career- (& live to tell about it), is just plain mind boggling!

But I DO GROOM CATS and I LOVE IT.  In fact, my salon; PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz, employs 4 CFMG’s (Certified Feline Master Groomers), and they are incredibly busy!

As much as people want to believe their cats self-groom by licking themselves for years and covering their coat in layers of saliva, (without ever having a bath) is simply “mind boggling” to me.  Problems such as trimming nails, cleaning their ears, solving dandruff and shedding problems, and removing the grease (cats are extremely greasy creatures), and last but not least, eliminating their mats- are not problems your cat can address, no matter how much it licks and “grooms” itself!

PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz is the first exclusive cat salon in Regina, Saskatchewan. We groom anywhere from 80-100 cats per week.  The impact our salon has had on our cat population has far exceeded all my expectations.  The following is a list of just some of the “Wow” realizations I have had….

  • That grooming a cat can truly change it’s life and their owners’ life.  The many, many, many clients who have informed us that their cat literally changes from a grumpy cat to a much more content- even some say more cuddly cat, with the Lion Trim, has truly been remarkable!
  • That many of our feline clients were previously sedated at  veterinary clinics, only to be shaved by staff with no cat grooming training whatsoever.
  • That there is a tremendous need for cat groomers to assist with matted/pelted cats, who in the past have had no opportunity to be groomed by a professional CFMG!
  • That with the right training and the right equipment, a professional can groom a cat with it’s health in mind as well as their safety!
  • That there is a HUGE NEED TO EDUCATE cat owners and demystify the myths! Myths such as, “You could NEVER groom my cat!”, or “Cats Hate Water”, & most of all the one mentioned earlier, “Cats groom themselves!”
  • That grooming a cat professionally can solve many owners’ problems- problems such as shedding, scratching furniture, allergies, hairballs, matting, dirty ears, sanitation cleanliness, and more!  We all want a healthy cat!
  • That watching  a new client’s reaction when they see their clean/ groomed cat is a most rewarding gift!   Many are in tears, as they had no idea how truly dirty their cat was, until they see the results!

 It is my hope this blog starts conversations of any sort about cat grooming- yes, even the silly conversations around a campfire after a few drinks…. my mission, as with other CFMG’s out there, is to share that Cat’s Need To Be Groomed