Where it all began...



Connie is the crazy one behind this production! To say she is passionate about animals and the grooming industry is a huge understatement. Connie has a Bachelor of Education, a Certified Pet Stylist status for dogs, and a Certified Feline Master Groomer Certificate. Connie has gone full circle from teaching elementary school to opening an innovative salon/mobile business and she is now operating a grooming school (Apex Academy of Professional Grooming and Animal Arts) - teaching once again.



Randy Buchanan

Randy is the co-owner and master of getting things done at Zoom Zoom Groom, Apex Academy and PreZoomably Cats. From providing IT support, managing the online store, and being the maintenance guy, Randy brings joy and efficiency everywhere he goes. 

There is no way to ever express my love and appreciation for Randy, who always supports me to do what I am so passionate about, and who’s contentedly quiet in the background, but in all reality is beyond instrumental to any successes I achieve.... and he does this always with a smile!
— Connie Buchanan

Enter the office:



Val is the most amazing receptionist in the world! She fields hundreds of calls in a day and patiently answers any questions the staff has - all while maintaining a smile. Her kindness is felt right through the phone. Val's involvement with Zoom Zoom Groom goes back to before it was even an idea. Val and Connie met when Val was a teacher assistant at White City School where she worked closely with Connie and her grade 4 classroom. They became instant soul mates and she is a huge part of the business journey. Val is beyond instrumental in the efficiency of Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats!



Rhonda is the administrator for the Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts. Rhonda is the resident comedian on staff – her laughter is contagious. Not only does she bring joy to the salon, but she also works tirelessly on ensuring all the students are taken care of and the school is running efficiently. She is the organizer and chief who always has new ideas and propositions to bring to the plate. We also must add that she is Randy's sister and Connie's sister-in-law, and they love her! What an amazing gift Rhonda is to the Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts!



Shirley and Connie go waaay back.  Shirley was actually Connie's co-operating teacher when Connie was interning for her BEd. Shirley taught Connie everything she knows about teaching. She has now retired from teaching and has rejoined Connie and her fun staff - for this they are extremely grateful. Shirley brings laughter, kindness, and fun to their home-away-from-home and is such an incredible addition to the staff.  Her laugh is infectious and she sparkles! Oh, and let's not forget that she is also a Crazy Cat Lady! BONUS!

Zipur JWL Photography

What about me?

My name is Zipurr and I live at the front desk. It's nice and cozy behind Val's monitor and, when she's not looking, I jump straight onto her keyboard. What can I say? I'm very helpful. 

Certified Pet Stylists:

Meet our team of Certified Pet Stylists and Certified Master Feline Groomers. We love your pets - and we are passionate about helping you have a happier, healthier life together


Our Management Team



Janet is a Certified Pet Stylist, an instructor at the Academy, and a manager at Zoom Zoom Groom. Janet has more compassion and love than is possible. She absolutely wallows in every groom and smothers her furry clients in hugs and kisses. Her patience and dedication to the students of Apex Academy are commendable. She has knowledge galore from her Show Dog and handling experiences and her skills are shared with all of the students.  Janet is dedicated to the success of the entire business, along with the school, and we are so blessed she has become such an integral part of our home-away-from-home!



Jenna is the assistant manager of Zoom Zoom Groom, the Head Instructor for the Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts, and a Certified Pet Stylist. Jenna’s calm personality and incredible creative visions make her a phenomenal groomer. She is often referred to as the “Pom Queen” as it is a breed that she absolutely adores! The students of Apex Academy appreciate how knowledgeable, kind, patient and supportive Jenna is with them. Her ability to laugh and love is immense and the skills she shares are invaluable. Her dedication to the success of the school and Zoom Zoom Groom are more than commendable and for this we are truly blessed!


Is it nap time yet?

For someone named Zoomie, I don't move very fast. I guess you could call me the office copy cat. You can find me lazing around on the photocopier for the greater part of the day. If you really need to copy that file - you should see Val. This is my time.



Yufei is a master groomer extraordinaire! We are proud of her many accomplishments towards her Groom Team Canada goals. Yufei's kind spirit and her beautiful scissoring skills make her a favourite with the curly coated, foo foo breeds! Yufei is a mentor to many here and she is such an inspiration to new students who learn from her phenomenal skills.   



Kayley is such an incredible asset to the Zoom Zoom Groom team.  Not only does she provide her knowledge of expertise as a Veterinarian Technician, she is also an incredible Certified Pet Stylist. Kayley has also achieved her Certified Feline Master Groomer title through the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. Kayley's calmness is a blessing and she seems to be able to tackle any grooming. 



MacKenzy is a Certified Feline Master Groomer and she is incredible! Don't let her quietness fool you - she is beyond capable of handling even the most difficult cats! MacKenzy is sweet, kind, and super special to us as she is also family. MacKenzy is Rhonda's daughter and Randy & Connie's niece. We all love her to the moon and back! Who would have ever guessed there was a cat ninja under all that sweetness?! 



Sarah is both a Certified Pet Stylist and a Certified Feline Master Groomer.  Sarah has the gift of being a dog whisperer. There are few dogs that she can't manage and her grooming skills are crazy amazing!  She is a fantastic cat groomer as well as a super supportive and contributing team member to both Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats. 



Sarah always has a smile on her face and her sense of humour is inspiring.  Sarah is a Certified Pet Stylist and she displays her passion and love for this wonderful profession on a daily basis. Sarah loves the big dogs and the little dogs, and her gentle, caring spirit makes her a fabulous groomer. We are thrilled Sarah is such an integral part of our team!



Kristen, a Certified Pet Stylist, loves the mobile.  She is such an incredible groomer and a supportive team member! She is always the first to get the day started. Efficiency, organization and motivation are her specialties. She is an amazing groomer and her clientele (both furry and not) love her immensely!  We are so happy to have her as part of the Zoom Zoom Groom team!  



Alysha, a Certified Pet Stylist, is amarvelous groomer whoseems to be able to tackle any dog in any trim! We love her smile and her willingness to always be of assistance. Alysha is fast and efficient. She is great at the foo foo cuts but really shines with the bigger dogs. Her calmness and efficient techniques allow her to get things done! Alysha takes so much pride in her work and it shows.



Alicia is one of the most positive spirits you will ever meet! She exudes excitement for the grooming profession and she strives to do amazing grooms. She is bubbly and caring and both the dogs and her clientele can feel the love. We were excited to keep Alicia upon her graduation of Apex Academy. Her creative skills are out of this world!



Brittney is a Certified Pet Stylist, and a Certified Feline Master Groomer.  Brittney’s talents are out of this world! She can groom all sizes of dogs, and then switch roles to transform into the most amazing cat groomer ever. She can be wrangling the worst cat with hisses, growls and threats while giggling at the same time. She has an unbelievable amount of love for cats and is taking the cat world by storm.  Don't ever tell her that your cat doesn't need to be groomed because it grooms itself, as she will morph into a fearless ambassador of education! 



Makayla ensures that Zoom Zoom Groom & PreZoomably Cats are both running smoothly and efficiently.  She does an incredible job of keeping things neat and tidy, but her main responsibilities are ensuring our cat boarding family is well taken care of.  Makayla does an incredible job of caring for our feline visitors, and ensuring they are happy, clean, and healthy during their stay.  Thank you Makayla for being such a super part of the ZZG & PZC team!



Sam is creative beyond belief and is a great addition to the Zoom Zoom Groom family. Sam loves her job and it shows. She constantly assists in the promotion of the business and always wants to help everyone here. Sam shines and her new skills and techniques are commendable. We welcome Sam from the Apex Academy upon her graduation as a Certified Pet Stylist.  Sam also has achieved her Certified Feline Master Groomer title through the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. 



Briana is full of love, humour and giggles!  She can brighten up the staffs day with her laughter and caring spirit.  Not only is Briana an positive team member, she is also an incredible groomer.  She is amazing with big and small dogs and her calm demeanour, creates a safe, welcoming environment for all the dogs she grooms.  We are thrilled Briana joined us after graduating with her Canine Pet Stylist Certificate.  She is an integral part of ZZG, and a phenomenal team member. 



Nicole is a graduate of the Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts- achieving her  Canine Pet Stylist Certificate.  Nicole also has achieved her Certified Feline Master Groomer title from the National Cat Groomers Institute.  Nicole is an incredible addition to the team.  She is dedicated to this profession and accepts even the most challenging dogs with a calm, caring spirit.  Nicole is a part of the ZZG and PZC family and we appreciate all she does!


All Hail Zeus

Welcome to my kingdom. You'll find me in PreZoomably Cats - usually on the Jungle Gym. I like to greet new guests as long as they're not those lazy Persian Cats from Zoom Zoom Groom.