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I am so excited about the Thera Clean system.  I purchased this technology for Zoom Zoom Groom & PreZoomably Cats just before Christmas.  Since then I have met with other Thera Clean owners from across North America, including at the Groom Expo West in Pasadena, where I was a guest speaker.  These owners range from veterinarians, groomers and animal natural-paths, and the results are truly exciting.  The fact that this technology uses nothing but tiny little bubbles and creates such super results is mind-boggling!  

There is nothing more difficult for groomers to see then dogs and cats with skin & ear issues.  We all want to help in any way possible.  

In the last few weeks, a groomer at Zoom Zoom Groom has seen your pet and has noticed skin/ ear conditions in which the Thera Clean MAY make a difference. Zoom Zoom Groom is offering five complimentary Thera Clean baths for your dog.  During this time we will document their progress with pictures and videos, and these will, in turn, be used to share the word with others!

I included a few videos for your information.  The first shows exactly how this system works, and the science behind this technology.  The second video shows one of our clients- "Ringo" receiving a Thera Clean bath.  

Please, at any time feel free to contact me if you have questions, or if you want to share any results you are noticing!  

Thank you so much for trusting Zoom Zoom Groom with your dog's health.  We are passionate about all dogs leading a happy and fulfilled life, and we would love nothing more than to assist with your dog's skin conditions.  Trust me, every time we see positive results from the Thera Clean, the staff does a happy dance!  

We look forward to positive, healthy, safe, results!

Thank you once again!
Connie Buchanan



How cute is Ringo?  Thera-Clean has worked exceptionally well on cats too, but Ringo is our superstar today!  This video shows the gentle yet effective application of the Thera-Clean bubbles.