Top Dog:

You lead the pack, and you deserve to feel that way. Our Top Dog service adds finishing touches that will guarantee your fur is never brushed the wrong way. More than a shave and a haircut, we will pamper the pads of your feet, get your ears cleaner than a whistle, and Dremel your nails to a jump-on-mom’s-friends kind of smooth. Mom won’t even complain.


This service includes everything from the shave and a haircut

  • Luxurious bath with high quality hypo-allergenic shampoo
  • Hypo-allergenic tear-free face wash
  • Hand drying & brush-out


  • Cucumber Melon Facial Scrub
  • Nail filing with a Dremel makes the nails rounded and shorter than what can be accomplished with nail clippers
  • Paw Defence Pad Treatment: a paw rub made with vitamins & antioxidants soothes the paw pads for everyday weather, pavements, sand, snow and ice
  • Ear Flush: recommended by veterinarians. A Veterinarian Grade wash is massaged inside the ear to really clean the ear canal. This is a great option for dogs with chronic ear infections
  • Dental treatment


Starting at 80 dollars

Prices vary according to dog size, coat and style selected.
Contact us for your specific styling quote.



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Skin issues?

We help with that too.

Thera-Clean is a state-of-the-art treatment that has been proven to help with severe skin issues ranging from bacterial infections, fungus, dander, hot spots, allergies, plain-old dry skin, and pesky ear infections.


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